Executive Summary

I have been programming computers for almost 25 years. My specialty is in crafting the architecture of extremely complex systems and delivering great capability in a responsive and elegant user experience.

I’ve started and built three successful companies in my career. My first company, Universal Development Corporation (UDC), started during my college internship, created one of the first medical records systems to run on the then-new Microsoft Windows operating system. Simply named “Care”, it was used by dozens of long term care facilities in the Midwest and made up of custom reusable components that were also sold as separate products to developer shops in almost every one of the Fortune 500 companies.

After divesting my ownership of UDC, I worked for various consulting firms for the next 2 years. On projects for these firms, I traveled the world, my management skills matured, I gained exposure to new industries, and I created relationships with influential mentors.

In 2000, I started my second company - Renkara Consulting - and have since performed a wide range of roles on numerous consulting engagements, including 12 separate projects as architect.

In 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, I could barely wait to make software for it. A year later, Apple produced the iPhone SDK and I started Renkara Media Group to build educational software for this amazing device. On the day the App Store opened, Renkara had five applications for sale, including the first foreign language education app and the first exam vocabulary builder app. Our phrasebook application - iPhraseBook - was selected by Apple as iPad App of the Week worldwide. Our vocabulary product AccelaStudy has been featured by Apple many times, including in the “Learn” TV commercial used to introduce the iPad in China. Every day, AccelaStudy is downloaded over 1,000 times every day and now enjoys an active base of over 8,000,000 users worldwide.

I now have over 17,000 hours of professional experience writing software for the iPhone and iPad. While I am concerned with all aspects of programming for iOS, the fluid animation of user interface elements is a critical focus.

I currently oversee the expansion of the Renkara product line and continue to provide consulting services to clients wishing to build amazing software.

Renkara Media Group


2008 - Current

Products Created


I designed and built AccelaStudy to help people learn foreign language vocabulary faster, to help myself master a deck of Turkish flashcards I had been carrying around for 2 years. AccelaStudy was an immediate success and has grown to millions of users worldwide.


Building on the success of AccelaStudy, which was originally designed for foreign language vocabulary, a new product was released which focused on English vocabulary for the GRE, GMAT, ACT, SAT, and TOEFL exams.


iPhraseBook was the world’s first expandable phrasebook. Renkara approached HarperCollins and negotiated a license for their excellent phrasebook content, including audio pronunciations. A user can buy iPhraseBook, which comes with English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian, and using the In-App Purchase capability of iOS, can purchase additional languages for the product.


Contig is a mathematics game where three numbers are combined with basic math operations to arrive at a number on a gameboard. It is a competitive tournament game in many school districts around the United States. Contig was Renkara’s first iPad application and one of the applications built without a physical device to test with. At the time development started, the iPad was not yet released and it was a race to have the product in the App Store on the day the iPad shipped.


Flashcard Champion is an educational app for iPhone released in three versions. Basic Math was designed for children to help them memorize the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers 1 - 12. States was designed to help children recognize each of the fifty US states and memorize their capitals. Presidents was built to help children recognize all of the American presidents.


Translate Now! is a universal translator app built on top of the Google Translate service. It was featured by Apple around the world and downloaded over 1,000,000 times.


A collaboration with award-winning author Michael Rowley, KanjiPictoGraphix delivers Rowley’s kanji mnemonics in a beautiful and responsive iPhone and iPad experience. KanjiPictoGraphix took over 2 years to design and build.

Renkara Consulting

Founder, Consulting Architect and Programmer

Engagements listed for generically-named clients, i.e. Energy Client, were performed under NDA and the engagement description is based solely on publically available statements.

Education Client - iPad Application

Feb 2013 - Current

As both programmer and architect, I served as part of a large team to design, build, and deliver mathematics and ELA content in a next-generation educational application. This application is one of the most ambitious applications to ever be targeted for a mobile platform.

Energy Client - iPad Application

2011 - 2015

Designed and constructed an award-winning iPad application to assist client in realtime energy pricing. Application is heavily integrated with backend web service APIs.

Pharmaceutical Client - iPad and iPhone Application

2011 - 2014

Designed and constructed an iPad application to deliver client’s product catalog in an innovative new way.

Media Clients - iPhone Applications

2010 - 2013

Built several iPhone applications for a variety of top-tier media clients. Application allowed capture and minor editing of live video and realtime encoding and distribution of videos via client web services.