Project Manager, Architect

Carlson Wagonlit Travel – Digital Board Strategy

Jan 2000 – Mar 2000

Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) hired Proxicom to help it create a digital strategy for competing against Expedia, Travelocity, American Express, and others.


My responsibilities as the project manager and technical lead were as follows:

  • Participate in the strategy sessions and provide technical feasibility summaries and estimates
  • Analyze the existing NT architecture for scalability to new system objectives
  • Standard PM responsibilities such as time sheet approval, risk analysis and mitigation, expense tracking and approvals, quality assurance of various deliverables
  • Team size was 14 strategists, creatives, and developers

General Motors Corporation –

Sept 1999 – Jan 2000

General Motors Corporation (GM) hired Proxicom as general project management and architecture contractors for their site. I was one of 3 primary project managers for the effort. I was responsible for the site rollout in Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, and Australia. The entire team was made up of over 300 contractors from 9 different vendors, including IBM Global Services, EDS, CompuWare, and others.

I worked with the architecture team (30+ architects) in planning the Version 1 architecture and the Version 2 architecture. The majority of my contributions on the architecture team were in the area of configurator selection and implementation. The configurator software, provided by a third party, allows a customer to select various options on a car. This is a hugely complex piece of software as it has to keep track of all the options combinations, the cost of each, and various rules regarding inclusion and exclusion of additional options.

Additionally, I participated heavily in the construction of a single UI to be used in all 40 initial rollout countries and the underlying components which allowed local variables such as postal code vs. zip code to be resolved. I spent several weeks in Australia leading a team of 18 developers, architects, UI designers, and several business strategists in working directly with the Holden company of GM to implement the Holden version of There were quite a lot of technical and political challenges to resolve in Australia, including differences in calculating distance to dealerships based on latitude and longitude, postal code, and legal issues regarding storage of personal data. The Holden site was run on NT with IIS and ASP. We spent a lot of time revising the ASP to match the functionality of the JSP used in the United States version of buypower.

The URL for that site is I also worked with several of the European brands including Opel and Vauxhall. The Opel site is at


My responsibilities as a project manager and technical architect were as follows:

  • Participate in and lead the architecture meetings for V1 and V2 of Review applicability of various technologies and feasibility of implementation in existing architecture and interfaces with other GM systems
  • Manage the Australia site deployment – participate in all technical and design meetings, present existing buypower architecture, assist in resolving political and legal obstructions to project completion, provide daily status to US counterparts
  • Work with 3rd party vendors to analyze the technical feasibility of their products working within the architecture. The requirements of the GM project caused several vendors, including Selectica and Calico, made significant feature enhancements out of our discussions.
  • Code ASP with developers in Australia to match JSP in US modules
  • Provide weekly status reports on the my teams’ progress towards their deliverables.