Developer Story

I have been programming computers for almost 25 years. I love creating beautiful mobile applications that engage users with a responsive and elegant user experience. I equally enjoy designing and developing the web services which often power those applications.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and have started and built three successful companies in my career. My first company, Universal Development Corporation (UDC), started during my college internship, created one of the first medical records systems to run on the then-new Microsoft Windows operating system. Simply named “Care”, it was used by dozens of long term care facilities in the Midwest and made up of custom reusable components that were also sold as separate products to developer shops in almost every one of the Fortune 500 companies.

After UDC, I worked for various consulting firms for the next 2 years. On projects for these firms, I traveled the world, my management skills matured, I gained exposure to new industries, and I created relationships with influential mentors.

In 2000, I started my second company - Renkara Consulting - and have since performed a wide range of roles on numerous consulting engagements, including 12 separate projects as architect.

In 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, I could barely wait to make software for it. A year later, Apple produced the iPhone SDK and I started Renkara Media Group to build educational software for this amazing device. On the day the App Store opened, Renkara had five applications for sale, including the first foreign language education app and the first exam vocabulary builder app. Our phrasebook application - iPhraseBook - was selected by Apple as iPad App of the Week worldwide. Our vocabulary product AccelaStudy has been featured by Apple many times, including in the “Learn” TV commercial used to introduce the iPad 2 in China. Every day, AccelaStudy is downloaded over 1,000 times every day and now enjoys an active base of over 10,000,000 users worldwide.

In 2014, I build a web service - the AccelaStudy Cloud - which provides authentication and authorization, account management, notification, analytics, and, most importantly, real-time data sync features to our AccelaStudy users. This web service, primarily written in Node.js with Express and hosted in Amazon Web Services EC2, has many components in a variety of modern technologies such as Aurora and DynamoDB, email and notification queues, serverless functions in Lambda, web sockets over ALB, Redis caching, ElasticSearch, and Redshift. Additionally, I created private admin and analytics websites using Angular and later ported them to React. I also wrote an Alexa skill which allows for dynamic verbal querying of analytics data and a conversational Slack bot which does the same with text input.

I now have (since 2008) almost 20,000 hours of professional experience writing software for mobile devices and their associated web services. While I am concerned with all aspects of mobile development, the fluid animation of user interface elements is a critical focus.

I currently oversee the expansion of the Renkara product line, manage our existing cloud operations, and continue to provide consulting services to clients wishing to build amazing software.