About Me

Father of 2 awesome boys; husband to Ahu; friend to many; founder of Renkara Media Group; level 85 balance/feral druid, arcane mage, and sub rogue; scuba diver; rock climber; bodybuilder; rower; aspiring marathon finisher; pianist; Pioneer; poet; foodie; Battlestar Galactica and Dexter fan; James Bond wannabe; CoreAnimator; Duder; snowboarder; wine geek; history buff; not afraid of sharks; vodka drinker; iPhone junkie; GTDFTW; Chicagoan; lifeguard

A Short History

2012: In progress.  Currently waiting for the WWDC announcement…

2011: Launched iPhraseBook which became iPad App of the Week.  Lots of client work in addition to maintaining and upgrading existing apps.

2010: Created a version of my favorite childhood math game - Contig - for the iPad launch.  Ahu finished her doctorate.  Second son Connor was born in April.

2009: Still doing full-time consulting and part-time iPhone development.

2008: Raiding.  DESC.  Programming the iPhone.  My first son Karl was born in November.

2007: Man, a lotta work.  DESC.  Moved to Inverness.  Went to France for 3 weeks in October.

2006: Graduated. Bought a BMW. Building another house. Spending 10 days in Maui.

2005: Squatted 560. Randy and I got into track cycling. Placed 3rd in the Wisconsin State Championships in Match Sprint. Went hiking in the desert and gambled in Las Vegas. Landscaped our home.

2004 : Built and moved into our first house. Spent a lot of time in front of the fireplace. Got back into Olympic weightlifting. Helped Ahu plant the garden.

2003 : Read the 5th Harry Potter book. Working on my MCSD.Net. Launched this site. Ran 3 triathlons. Gained too much weight.

2002 : I got married this year to Ahu Konan. We had our first reception in the United States on top of the Sears Tower. We had our second reception in Istanbul, Turkey for Ahu’s family. On our honeymoon we explored Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, and France and relaxed in Hawaii at the end. Did manage to do my first two triathlons this year.

2001 : I got engaged this year. I proposed to Ahu on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The rest of the year was spent in copious amounts of wedding planning.

2000 : Became an independent consultant in spring. Started dating Ahu on June 24th.

1999 : Moved to Chicago. Spent a month in Australia working for Proxicom on GM BuyPower.com. Met Ahu at McDonald’s.

1998 : The Year of Exile. Also known as the year I lived in Peoria.

1997 : Closed down company and went into consulting.

1996 : Work, work, work. Too much work and no play. Spent too much time creating too many different products instead of perfecting the ones we already had.

1995 : Word processing software top product for Delphi this year.

1994 : Finished writing the nursing home software and launched my second company. Incorporated that company. Started writing word processing software.

1993 : Started writing my nursing home software package.

1992 : Started working at GNC. Continued working as a lifeguard. Won the Light Heavyweight Teenage Continental USA. Sold computers briefly as my own company.

1991 : Graduated from University High School in Normal, Illinois. Go Pioneers! Was a finalist in the Parents Too Soon Rock and Romance songwriting contest. Won the Middleweight Teenage Continental USA. Became a lifeguard.

1990 : The Year of Trouble. Played chess with Dave and U-High team at IHSA state chess tournament. Dave and I became co-captains of U-High chess team. I think Dave won every game this year.

1989 : I entered my first bodybuilding competition. I placed dead last. Entered another competition, lost. Entered another competition, lost. Entered another competition, won and never lost as a teen again. Learned to scuba dive. Bought a Commodore Amiga over the summer. Spent remainder of year working on 3D algorithms in assembler.

1988 : Played much chess. Spend much time working on 3D algorithms in BASIC on C64.

1987 : Transferred from Parkside to U-High. Met David Lorber, Chris Peters, Chris Dixon, and Chris Grotbo. Plenty of Chris’s to go around. These are my best friends from high school.

Update - 11/5/2003 I had another good friend - John Benson - whom I neglected to remember in my original list above. John is a ghost these days and only mysterious rumors of CIA and special ops make it to my ears ;-) And if none of that is true, than so much the better for me to immortalize the legends online. But John and I go back farther than all of the others, including basketball and track in junior high school and that memorable trip to IMSA in Aurora. John was always a good friend, as were the others, even through the Year of Trouble and beyond. Sadly it took a blast from the past for me to remember. Oh, and there is a vicious rumor that Benson beat me in chess a time or two. Must quash that one before it gets any farther. ;-)

1986 : Learned to play chess. Best summer of my life so far. Much camping and swimming.

1985 : I detassled this summer. Yikes. Took the money and bought many games and applications for my awesome Commodore 64. Spent remainder of year in room solving Ultima IV.

1984 :

1983 :

1982 :

1981 :

1980 :

1979 :

1978 :

1977 :

1976 :

1975 : Randall was born and was instantly my best buddy.

1974 :

1973 :

1972 : The Year of Birth

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