25th Hour

Sort of a disturbing film about a convicted drug dealer (Edward Norton) preparing to check into prison to serve a 7 year term for dealing Russian heroin. The excellent cast includes Rosario Dawson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Barry Pepper. Hoffman’s role as a preparatory school teacher is of particular interest. This is a Spike Lee “Joint” and as such has numerous scenes which serve no other purpose other than to make a few political statements. There is some moving footage of post 911 New York City which fits in as a fitting memorial backdrop. Look for the scene where Norton is talking to himself in the bathroom mirror - a Spike Lee classic - and the discussions between Norton and Pepper in the club. The description of the prison that awaits Norton’s character is enough to give any would-be criminal a whole host of second thoughts. Overall, not the best movie I’ve seen - certainly no Fight Club - but interesting enough to hold your attention for a couple of hours.