Change Log

October 6th, 2002 - Version 1.1

It’s been a few months but I’ve finally gotten around to updating my professional site. I got rid of the left side navigation since the site only has a few areas of content. I added the JavaScript menu at the top of the site and redesigned the site to fit in 640x480 windows. I also finally got the site listed on Yahoo and have added appropriate keywords so that the site will show up in listings more accurately. As of this writing, if you type in “xpath articles csharp” as a Yahoo search, this site comes back as the #17 ranked result.

I also broke the Articles content area into Articles and Bookmarks. The Articles area will list only articles I have written for this site and the Bookmarks area will feature links I go to often on the Internet. The first article I wrote is on the Sieve of Erastosthenes for finding prime numbers. I originally wrote it thinking I would be able to do some performance testing but it appears that all prime numbers between 1 and a billion can be found in a second on my computer so not a good benchmark test.

July 9th, 2002 - Version 1.0

Finally got the first release out. The site is written in ASP.NET with C#. There are a number of web forms and one C# class to implement the search logic. Searching is performed by querying the Indexing Service using a standard SQL query.

The graphics and layout were created in Adobe Illustrator 10 and sliced and exported using ImageReady. It is quite an experience taking an ImageReady output and turning it into a series of dynamic web forms in .NET.

This version does not utilize any left nav bar links but I expect to implement some sort of navigation there as more data is added to the site.