Changes on ForkBender

I released a new version of ForkBender and Narrative this weekend. v0.6.0 is finally out. You will remember, of course, that Narrative is the Content Management System that enables me to create the content for this website. There have been a lot of changes in this release, some of which are visible to you:

Comments. On certain articles, books, movies, and other content items, you can now post comments. I am hoping that a bit of a dynamic conversation can be enjoyed instead of a static article posting. Content items which are enabled for comments, such as this article, show the number of comments posted so far at the bottom of the article text by the publish date. Clicking the link there will take you to the start of the comments for that content item.

Lists. The List content type is new. For a list, I can select various other content items and group them together. I can, for example, make a list of the gear I take camping and another list of gear I take canoeing. Some items will be on both lists, some only on one. I anticipate lists of favorite foods, books, movies, music, destinations, etc.

Intro text. On long articles, I generally mark off a section of the article - usually a paragraph in length - to serve as the introduction to the full article. Only the intro text will be displayed on the home page or archives page. Simply click the title of the article to view the full content.

Quotes. I have started posting quotes that I like. Quote is a new content type for ForkBender. I expect almost all quotes will be open for comments. Please let me know if there are any quotes you’d like me to feature here.

PDA access. The link at the lower right is to the PDA version of this page. I have tested this page with my Sprint PCS Vision phone. I can type in the URL and view the content of this website on my phone. Pretty cool!