Chicago Indoor Racing is Awesome!

Last Thursday night, Deloitte’s Global Network Services team and a bunch of developers, including myself, went to the newly opened Chicago Indoor Racing complex in Buffalo Grove. The draw of this particular attraction is that you can race go-karts against others and that these go-karts go really fast. Fast enough that no one, even a heavy guy like me, complains about going slow. In fact, several of the guys didn’t even push their limits, it’s so fast.

Going into the evening, Steve Lotho was favored to win. Each person paid $75 which bought three 15 lap qualifying races and one 20 lap championship final. The best lap time went to Steve with a time of 14.39 seconds. Walter had the second-best lap time at 14.76 seconds.

The results of this racing evening are attached to this article. The PDF has all of the images in one large document.