Coming Soon on

It’s been a busy week. My last post was related to Narrative and so is this one. I am racing to get out some new features. These include:

Categories. With categories, I can organize content on this website better. I can group content under a particular category. For example, there will probably be a category called “Cubs” and all of the articles, etc. related to the Chicago Cubs will be added to this category.

XML-RPC API. This will not make much sense to most people but it is a programmatic interface which allows 3rd party applications such as BlogBuddy, w.bloggar, and others to create and modify content for the website. So rather than use the web interface for creating content, I can use other applications which have richer content editing facilities.

Document library. This is functionality I won’t be using on much but it allows me to upload and attach documents to articles and other content items I post here. I will be using it for publishing the genealogy documents I’ve prepared. They are in PDF format and will be attached to the next article I write about genealogy.

Improved image galleries. The image gallery functionality on works well enough but I am looking for the ability to have the same image in more than one gallery, to feature a single image on the main home page, and to have a title and comments regarding each image, if wanted. So rather than see just an image, the image will be displayed with a title, such as “Charles and Ahu on Mt. Everest - Day 1” and a short description about what’s going on in the image. It will allow the image gallery to tell a better story than having images alone.

Breadcrumbs. will have breadcrumbs to aid in navigation. Nothing special, just rounding out the navigational elements.

Most recent display. The home page is being modified to show the last 20 published items instead of all the published content for the current month. This is mainly to keep the site from not showing a blank home page at the beginning of the month.

I should have all of this functionality ready by next Sunday, the next release date.