Expanded Romance Life Radio!!!

I upgraded the Romance Life radio station on Live365.com today. In the first day of being live, without the promotional features of a premium station, 9 different users stumbled onto the station. Two of those set Romance Life Radio as a Favorite and one of them gave the station a 5 star rating!!!

I’m really enjoying managing the music and the playlists and having upgraded to the Premium level, I can now create multiple playlists and schedule those playlists for different times of the day and week. I now have three active playlists, the default one which plays a random mix of all music, an Instrumental playlist which plays in the evening, and a vocal playlist which plays in the afternoon.

The Premium level also allows me to upload a total of 300 MB of music. My music is uploaded at 32 Kbps so it is available to listeners with a 56K dialup connection. I’ve uploaded 86 songs so far and have used up about 80 MB of disk space. I plan to continue to upload new music weekly and to cycle songs around to keep the content fresh.

Every song is labeled properly with Artist, Title, and Album so you always know what is playing. If you like a song, the Live365 player allows you to Wish List a song or to go directly to Amazon.com to purchase the album.