Romance Life Now On the Internet Airwaves!

After much planning and hoping, I finally launched the Romance Life channel on!!! is the world’s largest Internet radio network, with an audience of more than 3 million listeners each month. makes it easy for the average Joe to set up an Internet “radio” station. It costs only $7.95 per month to get started and they handle all the servers, bandwidth, and any royalties paid to ASCAP and the music industry. All I have to worry about is making sure the music that plays on Romance Life is music other people enjoy listening to!

My initial playlist is mostly romantic music from the movies! I have classics from Sleepless in Seattle such as Jimmy Durante’s As Time Goes By as well as newer songs like Evenstar from The Two Towers.

There are already 50 tracks online giving over 3 hours of non-repeating romantic music with another 100 or so tracks being prepared for upload. Try out Live365 - it’s free (with the occasional advert thrown in the mix) and it’s great listening!