Underwater Intrigue Off Cuba

Am I the only one who was paying attention to the news when a research expedition off of the coast of Cuba last year reported discovering a series of underwater monoliths at approximately 2,000 feet in depth? At the time, National Geographic reported on the story. A few less-scientific minds took interest also. Another article here and the most interesting article here.

It’s interesting to me that the individuals who discovered the site are engineer Paulina Zelitsky and her husband, Dr. Paul Weinzweig. The pair are also credited with finding the USS Maine, 20 other shipwrecks, and numerous deep-water, offshore oil fields.

I have not heard anything more about this discovery since the expedition ended. There was to be a follow up expedition but I have not heard anything about that either. I am interested in finding out what the structures are and if they amount to anything special or not. Either way, quite an interesting find.