What's up with all the gear and image galleries???

I apologize to any faithful readers who have not gotten to see much actual play-by-play commentary lately like I normally write here. I am in the process of bulk-loading the site with archive content so I can test some new features in a few days. I am trying to get a list of all the camping gear, etc. that I own so that I can make checklists for various trips I am planning. Also, Ahu and I have tons of pictures that I need to get online and so I am posting all these image galleries in bulk also. I should have most of this archive content up in a week or so.

Additionally, there will be some new features coming. One, this page will soon show only content from the last two weeks. Along the side navigation will be links to older content. Second, and more importantly for the reader, will be the ability to comment on a particular article or other item of content. All reader comments will be displayed in a sort of community, ongoing discussion format. I am hoping to hear from you, dear reader, who are taking the time to read this page. Three, I will be rolling out several new content types including recipes, quotes, books, wines, movies, and more.

In the meantime, if you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to charlessieg@yahoo.com. Thanks!