Working on Genealogy

I have a large family. The Sieg family in the McLean county area of Illinois alone has well over 100 members. In fact, about 60-70 of these get together every year in the summer for a Sieg reunion. I am working on publishing the history and genealogy of the Sieg family online.

All of the Siegs in McLean country are descended from a single family that came to the United States from Germany in the late 1800s. He had a son named Charles, whom I am named for.

On my mom’s side there is an interesting lineage. My great grandmother, Ruth Rawson Meng, is a direct descendent of Edward Rawson, the Secretary of the Massachusetts Colony. Great grandma Meng put together quite a family history and I have one of the very few printed copies. I am scanning it with OCR to turn it into a usable electronic document. When it is ready, I will publish it online in PDF format. Stay tuned!