Wow! Another fantastic book from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. This one again features our favorite hero - A. X. L. Pendergast - and brings back some old characters from earlier novels. Similar to Cabinet of Curiosities and Still Life with Crows, this plot features a series of inexplicable crimes.

Agent Pendergast again brings his formidable intellect to bear in pursuing a resolution to these crimes. He teams up with an old friend for the first adventure that takes place, in large part, overseas.

With an intricate mix of historical oddities and scientific innovation, this plot is fascinating and educational. The writing duo has brought back the idea of serials and this novel leaves you hanging. I think the authors must have been reading The Three Musketeers recently as the book leaves off with a couple of critical events unresolved. They are already working on their next book - Dance of Death - which will hopefully fix up these loose, hanging threads.