Countries I Have Been To

I’ve decided to start keeping track of the countries I’ve been to before I forget them. The number after the country name is the number of times I’ve been there. If there is an asterisk (*) then I’ve only been in the country during transit, i.e. on the way to another country and thus I’ve only seen the airport.

  1. United States. Duh, I live here, but still it’s a country and going on my list.

  2. Canada (2). This was the first country I went to outside of the United States. I went here first with my parents when we were visiting Niagara Falls. Went once also when I was working the BuyPower project at GM in Detroit around October 1999.

  3. Mexico (5). This is the country I’ve been to the most, mainly because I go to Cancun for warm, tropical-type getaways. August 1995 - Fiesta Americana Coral Beach? August 1998 - Hilton. November 1999 - Hilton. October 2000 - Moon Palace. December 2003 - Riu Cancun.

  4. Bahamas (1). Stopped here for a day while on a Royal Caribbean cruise. December 2002.

  5. Dominican Republic (1). Stayed at the some resort I can’t remember. December 2002.

  6. Jamaica (1). Went to the all-inclusive Breezes at Runaway Bay resort. April 1996?

  7. St. Lucia (1). Went to Sandals St. Lucia. April 1998.

  8. Puerto Rico (1,*). In transit on the way to St. Lucia.

  9. Antigua (1,*). In transit on the way back from St. Lucia.

  10. Australia (1). Stayed almost a month in Melbourne at the Sheraton in October and November 1999.

  11. New Zealand (1,*). In transit on the way to Australia.

  12. Turkey (1). My wife’s home, I stayed there after our U.S. wedding. Stayed with relatives mostly but also at the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul. Went to Ephesus and Bodrum. March 2002.

  13. Greece (1,*). This turned out to be a transit country.

  14. Italy (1). Spent two weeks here on our honeymoon. Went to Rome, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Venice, Milan, Stresa, Naples, and Capri. March and April 2002.

  15. France (2). Went the first time to Paris to propose to Ahu. Stayed at the Hotel Lutetia in what used to be the Opera Suite and then a suite at the Hotel Montalembert. January 2001. Went the second time to Chamonix, Grenoble, Paris, Epernay, and Bordeaux on our honeymoon. April and May 2002.

  16. Switzerland (1). Stayed in several different hotels in Locarno and Geneva on our honeymoon. April 2002.

  17. Germany (2,*). Always in transit…once in Frankfort on the way to Istanbul and once in Munich on the way from Locarno to Geneva. April 2002.

  18. Austria. (1) Stayed at the Hotel Innsbruck. February 2004.

  19. Netherlands. (1,*) In transit on the way to and from Austria.

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