Debunking Myths about Squatting

There is a great article online which debunks many of the myths you hear about doing squats. It additionally goes on to attack leg extensions as a cause of knee injuries. I find this very interesting because in all my years of lifting weights, I have never had an injury to my knees or leg muscles which was from doing squats. Now I know why. And I used to do quarter squats with 855 lbs (that’s nine 45 lb. plates on each side of the bar, folks). I have also never, ever wrapped my knees even once. I also never used a weight belt until I started squatting above 315. I had been holding off on doing squats as part of my regular workouts because I was thinking maybe as I get older they weren’t such a good idea anymore. Now I know better and am really looking forward to getting my legs back to their former strength levels. Update Found another really great article on squatting myths.