Free Fall

Ah, another Elvis Cole novel put to rest… I enjoy reading detective novels but I think I like the Elvis Cole novels best not so much for the detective aspect of it as much as I just like the characters of Elvis Cole and Cole’s partner, Joe Pike.

In this adventure, our pair go up against some cops and get tossed in the pokey. I won’t say much more beyond that other than Joe Pike is a crazy fool and always prepared better than the smartest Eagle Scout.

A lot of people will read the back covers of books to find out the plot intro before deciding to read the book. I used to do that but no longer. Whenever I pick up a book, I never read anything about it beforehand. I just go on a recommendation from someone or, in the case of Elvis Cole, a previous read. I ordered Free Fall without knowing anything about it other than that its an Elvis Cole novel. It’s nice having a complete surprise plot.