Masquerade is the 8th novel I’ve read since moving to West Dundee. I’ve read other books by Lynds where she was a co-author with Robert Ludlum. As a soloist, she writes in such a way that you’d think Ludlum were the author. Reading Masquerade is a lot like reading a Jason Bourne novel, all international espionage and intrigue, assassins, and memory loss.

The book was entertaining and Lynds does a good job of creating the proper ending. No thread is left hanging, no question unanswered. The most interesting characters were Asher Flores, Bunny Bremner, and Gordon Taite. Each of them had idiosyncracies that make them stand out as particularly curious. The rest were run-of-the-mill action characters and I got somewhat tired of them.

The ending is unique so its worthwhile to read this if only to add yet another twist to your memory of sneaky endings. But the problem with this type of novel is, there are only so many new twists. Eventually you’ve read it all before. Lynds isn’t there yet - she has some novel deceptions still to come, I believe - but she needs to work at it.