My Chipotle is Bigger Than Yours

Just an interesting aside… I had lunch today at Chipotle, which is quite normal. So did this other guy in front of me in the line. The guy is a rail, I mean, literally 130 lbs. at most and taller than me. He gets a Bol with rice and chicken and not a lot of rice. It was the wimpiest little Chipotle I’ve ever seen. Not even any no calorie flavor add-ins like onions, green peppers, and lettuce. My Bol, which comes standard with mucho rice, mucho vegetables, chicken, EXTRA chicken, corn, another scoop of corn, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce looked like a real meal. His Bol looked like the results of someone wiping scraps off of a couple tables. When we go to the register, the checkout guy had to control a laugh when our Bols ended up side by side, it was so ridiculous. And I had to control an urge to say “Well, another example where mine’s bigger than yours!”