My Mosquito Magnet Experience – Part 2: Good Results

I’ve had the Mosquito Magnet (Liberty Plus model) for about 7 weeks now. I’ve gone through 2 propane tanks, 2 Octenol cartridges, and am on my second catch net. I’ve also used up 2 Quick Clear cartridges as well. The reduction in biting insects has been significant. In the week before we got the Mosquito Magnet, I was getting 4-5 bites every night I went out in the yard. The week after we got it, I was down to 1 or 2 bites per night. Within the first couple of weeks, I was not getting any bites.

All is good except that I had a weird problem this week. I got the red/yellow flashing light meaning that my device needed some changing. I changed the propane tank. Didn’t work. I did the Quick Clear. Twice. Didn’t work. I changed the net. Nothing. When I hit the On button, the fan didn’t make any noise. Finally, I decided to try recharging it, even though the manual said that one charge would last all season. I charged it all night and all day. Flipped the switch and the fan started up. I’m putting it back out in the yard tonight.

The bad news is that in the 4 or 5 days I’ve had the unit turned off, the mosquitos have come back. That goes to show how well it guards us normally. In a wetland area like where we live, it is impossible to completely crash the population. The Liberty Plus covers a 1 acre area. The wetland is a 20 acre wetland. But the carbon dioxide plume and Octenol creates a kind of barrier. The mosquitos from the wetland find the machine before they find us. All in all, a good investment.