One for the Money

This is a new type of crime novel for me - one where the main character is a woman instead of a man. I read about Lucas Davenport in the Prey series and Elvis Cole in Crais’ detective novels, but Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum is something else. Whereas the male characters mentioned above are seasoned pros, One for the Money details the start of Plum’s new career as a bounty hunter.

Facing eviction after losing her job in lingerie sales, Plum turns to family, in this case her uncle Vinnie the bail bondsman, for salvation. Her first major assignment is to track down Joe Morelli, her first “love”, so to speak, who has failed to appear in court after posting bond for a murder charge.

Stephanie has a lot to learn about the business and her lack of street smarts doesn’t help. But the dialogue is witty and entertaining and reminds me a lot of Nelson Demille’s character, Detective John Corey, in - strangely enough - the books Plum Island and The Lion’s Game.

It’s an interesting book with a couple of minor plot twists but it’s the Plum character who keeps you reading. Her “education of a bounty hunter” is humorous and memorable. Evanovich has now written ten Stephanie Plum novels. I look forward to reading #2.