Othello at the American Players Theater

Ah, what joy to see Shakespeare under the stars… Chris and Tessa and Ahu and I had a great evening at the American Players Theater in Spring Green, Wisconsin last Saturday night. While the weather in Chicago looked pretty gloomy, all was made well by the time we got to the theater. In fact, it was a perfect night with fall evening temperatures and not a cloud in the sky or any wind. When the play was underway, there were incredible moments of stillness and quiet, an excellently peaceful occasion.

The play was marvelous! I had not seen Othello before and I found it to be a fascinating look into the best and worst of people. I have seen Shakespeare plays performed before, most recently at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, but this play was infinitely more enjoyable because the acting was top-notch and the theater and weather were as good as one could ask for.

In particular, the actors playing the parts of Othello and Iago gave very talented and entertaining performances. Of the two, though, I would say Othello was best. He was truly a most “loving” general and yet convincing in his wrath. His articulation and expression were outstanding.

Anyway, great thanks to Chris and Tessa for introducing us to this incredible place. Ahu and I will look forward to this new annual tradition!