Secret Prey

I have now finished the 9th book in the Prey series by John Sandford. Again, this one had a radically different plot but one that still involves a series of unfortunate victims. The criminals in the Prey books are always unique and fascinating but the part I enjoy most is the progression in the life of Lucas Davenport, the detective hero of the series.

The great thing about the Prey books is the consistency in the characters and in the timeline. Every book builds on the last book, which builds on the last book, and so on, until every character has a rich history. When new characters are introduced, I always wonder what future role they will play in the Lucas Davenport universe.

This book is very different from others in that a bunch of people loosely related to each other through work are picked off one at a time. The murderer is revealed halfway through the book and after this surprise it is even more interesting to read about them evading the police. It’s a great detective novel.