The House of Sand and Fog

This is a powerful, but disturbing film. Ahu and I saw this on Saturday night and thought and talked about it for days afterwards. Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley play their parts in the movie with amazing emotion and belief. Jennifer plays a jobless alcoholic who gets evicted from her home for not paying some taxes. Kingsley plays an Iranian colonel who leaves Iran after the overthrow of the government and seeks asylum in the United States. He shrewdly invests in Connelly’s house after the seized home is put up for auction by the local government. However, Connelly does not give up easily and her pursuit of this house and the colonel’s defense of his ownership results in a tragic struggle. I was amazed at the compassion of Kingsley’s character and the members of his family as they confront the woman who would do them in. Ron Eldard fits well in his role as a wayward deputy who gets in over his head. A definite must-see, just watch it when you are in the mood for a thinking movie, not an uplifting or comedic one.