The Last Samurai

I can’t say enough about this movie. I loved it. It really demonstrated a group of people who have the same values and beliefs that I do. I can’t remember the last movie made in English that exemplified the Bushido philosophy so accurately. The cast was great. Tom Cruise was okay as Captain Nathan Algren but the really excellent cast members were the Japanese actors. Ken Watanabe was perfect as Katsumoto. His voice was just right for the peaceful leader of the samurai. He has very interesting facial expressions throughout the movie.

Hiroyuki Sanada was in my favorite role, though, as the elite warrior Ujio. Sanada is one of the most famous actors in Japan and recently starred in a Japanese version of Hamlet. His scenes with Cruise are awesome. I’ve seen this movie three times already and each time I see something new. The Hans Zimmer score is one of the best fitting in recent memory. The “Spectres in the Fog” song is particularly moving. The music is strong and bold, reminiscent of Gladiator, and yet has moments of sadness appropriate for the subject of the movie. I already have the soundtrack and will buy the DVD one of these days.