It’s a strangely pleasant feeling having a bowl of cereal for breakfast in the morning as an adult. After years of having “breakfast bars” and similar fare, it’s nice to get a good bowl of oatmeal to start the day.

Cereality is a recent culinary addition to downtown Chicago breakfast options. They specialize in breakfast cereal. The place is truly a throwback to childhood. They have large plasma screen TVs on the wall which play cartoons all day long. You can get every popular sugar bomb cereal on the market, it seems, from Captain Crunch to Coco Puffs. They have special milk-proof containers to hold your cereal and milk choice on your way to the office. They even have these bizarre slurpy spoons for 99 cents which combine a spoon with a straw so one can “slurp” the milk out of the “bowl” when done with the cereal. For me, though, that’s one too many flashbacks to Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.

Personally, I prefer the oatmeal route over the pure breakfast cereal experience. I’m not sure it holds water, but I’ve always had a theory that oatmeal was healthier than Booberry. I order a concoction called “Banana Brown Betty”, which, despite its similarities to the sinister “Bouncing Betty”, is quite delicious. It’s oatmeal with brown sugar with bananas and muesli on top. I get a 16 oz. skim Milk Chug to go also. It’s an awesome way to start the day.