Google Maps Fusion

UPDATED! Since the launch of Google Maps a few months ago, a lot of people have been inspired to create websites dedicated to exploring the world through these map. Additionally, a few innovative websites have been created which combine the mapping functionality with useful data from other sources. There seem to be so many, actually, that I decided to create my own list of them to keep track:

Been Mapped new

A really cool website where you can “bookmark” locations around the world with comments. Many bookmarked locations of interesting military sites, artificial reefs, planes in flight, and other unique findings.

Housing Maps

Perhaps the most useful intersection of Google Maps and another website is this merging of Craig’s List real estate and rental listings with Google Maps data. A very useful interface helps you navigate a city to find housing of interest and maps the property location in real-time.


This is a fun kind of site which takes a distinctive location and turns it into a scavenger hunt. A location is chosen by the site admins and some clues made up. Then it is up to the web site visitors to find and identify the location. The location might be anything anywhere but supposedly most objects are found within an hour.

Google Globetrotting

A sort of armchair traveler concept where users submit interesting locations. This is similar to the next website:

Google Sightseeting

Google Maps and Accountability

The author of this site uses Google Maps to keep track of deforestation throughout the world but mainly in Canada and South America.

Flickr Flashbacks

Users post captured satellite images and then annotate them with notes describing various places on the map. Common uses include taking a snapshot of childhood hometown and noting old schools, hangouts, etc.

Satellite Analysis of Area 51

Takes you through the more interesting landmarks in satellite imagery of Roswell, New Mexico.