In the Blogosphere Today - September 28, 2005

  • Giant squids exist. Hope you never get in this guy’s way.

  • DIY flooring. Nice.

  • Fast track yourself. How to manage your upwardly mobile career. Not that this applies to those of us who own the company they work for.

  • Excellent website statistics from ForkBender uses this - only $9 per month.

  • How to beat procrastination with a “dash”.

  • Robot finds largest treasure hoard ever. Man, that shoulda been me. I missed my calling. @#$@#!!!

  • Golf at night? That’d be fun - not. My idea of fun is not hunting around in the rough looking for a golf ball during nocturnal animals’ busy time. Sure fire way to get a big owie.

  • The Energy Blue theme from Vista works on Windows XP also. Kinda cool. What’s with all the lens flares, though?

  • Really cool book Small Houses on Amazon, via MocoLoco.