My Photoblogs are now Live!

I recently became a Flickr Pro member and am now using their excellent photo gallery service for my photo blogs and The DNS entries are updating now. If the links don’t work, you can also go here.

I may eventually move all of my image galleries to Flickr as it is really a great way to store and show photos online. The main features I like are the ability to give each photo a title and description, as well as the ability for others to leave comments about the photos. There is even a neat little feature which allows a user to annotate a part of a picture to draw attention to some detail.

The photos I have posted here so far are all taken by my camera phone. I have a Toshiba phone and Sprint PCS Vision. When I take a photo I simply email it to a private Flickr email address to post it online. The phone has this capability built-in so taking a photo and posting it online is a matter of about 30 seconds.

The Pro service is $24.95 per year but is well worth the price given the many features it provides. Highly recommended.