Where Have I Been?

Well, after the Winter Quarter ended at DePaul, my focus has been almost entirely on getting in shape for the summer season of track cycling. What is track cycling, you ask? It’s bicycle racing around a banked track called a velodrome. Track cycling is not a very popular sport in the United States. There are only 18 velodromes in the United States compared with over 70 velodromes in Japan, for example. Cycling in the United States is dominated by road cyclists, inspired by Lance Armstrong, and mountain bikers. Due to the lack of velodrome access, there are less than 1,500 competitive track cyclists in the United States and only a handful of those compete at the Elite level. Since two of the U.S. velodromes are in the Chicago area, I decided to take up the sport.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time upgrading the Narrative CMS to be more efficient in generating static content. The new version, which I plan to release next week, will be substantially easier to use when rebuilding websites and also has a number of UI enhancements as well.