Writing on the Train

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I commute to the Chicago Loop now from West Dundee and that gives me almost 3 hours on the Metra Milwaukee District West Line train 5 days a week. That’s 15 hours on the train every week, folks - a longer commute than anyone should ever have. To make this lovely ride more bearable, I have started bringing Ahu’s laptop with me to work and spend at least 45 minutes of each ride writing articles for my various blogs. It’s actually turned out pretty well. I always wanted to find more time to write and the train provides exactly that - time. In a way, it also allows me to use the best part of my day for personal use as my brain is sharpest and most creative first thing in the morning. As I get into the habit of writing every morning, I find that I come up with more article ideas than I can keep up with and generate lots of ideas for improving Narrative as a useful content management tool. In fact, I am now writing some articles days in advance. This gives me a sort of queue to pull articles from, ensuring now that I always have one post per day, even on weekends, hopefully. Perhaps, eventually, I will come to look at this time on the train as a blessing in disguise.