A Site Redesign

I put a new look and feel up over the weekend. I got rid of the three-column layout in favor of a two-column layout with a top-level menu nav. There are a number of subtle “under the covers” improvements:

  • The Exposition (formerly Narrative) blog engine now outputs XHTML-compliant text. Previously, the parser munged the output somewhat, causing an invalid DOCTYPE tag. Google’s search bot doesn’t like invalid DOCTYPE tags and so many pages were not indexed.

  • There are some new auto-titling features in the CMS which allow entries like “In the Blogosphere Today” to have the publish data automatically appended to the title. You can also see that sort of thing with the workout entries in the training journal.

  • If an entry is categorized, the categories are listed under the entry’s title in the content page.

  • The image galleries have been updated to use Lightbox 2.0. Click on a thumbnail image to see how it works!

There are a few items which still need to be updated. Comment entry is not working just yet and the search box needs to be added back to the nav. The Pagination control is still being rewritten. You may also find a broken link or missing article here and there. I’m still working on it so it should be up and running again soon.