In the Blogosphere Today - September 12, 2006

Apple released a totally new version of the Shuffle today.  It is now the size of a postage stamp and can clip onto almost anything.  I plan to buy one of these and clip it onto the headphones, thereby eliminating the need for an armband for my MP3 player and no more long, annoying cord.

Apparently they are also putting out the iTV (code name) in Q1 2007 - a cool little device that streams music, pictures, and video from any computer running iTunes.

Doctors are now taking their cues from NASCAR pit crews.

Season 5 of Smallville has been released and should be waiting for me on my doorstep when I get home tonight!  (Thanks to my Amazon pre-order!)  I can’t wait to finally see the 100th episode!

Ending this post with a shameless plug for my World of Warcraft weblog:  World of Warcraft Class Guide at!