New Photo Galleries

As mentioned in a previous post, I am putting all new photo galleries online at Flickr.  Recently, I published the following galleries:

2006 Lake Geneva Triathlon I did not do the 2006 LGT this year but Ahu did and it was a tough day for it.  The air temperature was in the low 60s and the wind was blowing very strong across the lake.  Ahu did well but the swim was brutal.  I’ve never seen so many people pulled out of the water before.  Also, by some stupid fluke, the sprint triathlon bike portion was around 21 miles instead of 17 miles (which is already longer than most sprints which are supposed to be around 14 miles).

2006 Vail Trip Randy and Tiff and Ahu and I went to Vail, Colorado in January.  It was a great trip and we got in a lot of skiing and snowboarding.  Vail is huge and there was plenty to see and do.

2006 San Francisco Trip Ahu and I flew out for a long weekend in San Francisco in January also.  We spent some time touring various wineries and took a nice drive through the redwoods down to Santa Clara.  The boardwalk there is awesome and totally reminds me of the movie The Lost Boys.

2006 Door County Trip The family went up to Door County for a long weekend in August.  We did some kayaking and swimming, as well as the requisite eating.

Various galleries of the new house being built are available there also.