In the Blogosphere Today - March 20, 2007

Well, it’s been quite awhile since I was regularly writing in this blog. I’ve written a lot more at my World of Warcraft blog - World of Warcraft Class Guide - than here. But here is a start:

Apparently it is more expensive and damaging to the environment (over the life of the vehicle) to drive a Prius versus a Hummer! Who knew!?!

A recent clinical study - done by real MDs! - shows that the “Atlas” chiropractic treatment significantly lowers blood pressure without any side effects.

The Highrise shared contact manager from 37signals launched today! W00t!

An awesome new car is being rolled out in India which runs on compressed air. Zero pollution, cheap fuel, top speed of 68 mph, and a range of 100km. Not too shabby! The thing would be perfect if they could make it a bit more aerodynamic…