Blu-ray Crushes HD DVD!!!

I have written at length about how the Playstation 3 is vastly superior, technically, than the XBox 360.  Playstation 3 uses the Blu-ray format for video and game discs and the XBox 360 uses the HD DVD format for the same.  There isn’t that much different between the two disc formats.  Essentially the difference between the two is the same as the difference between VHS and Beta for VCRs in the 80s.  Back then, Sony backed the Beta format.  We all know how many Beta VCRs there are now - none.

The battle over Blu-ray vs. HD DVD is similar.  Sony and some movie studios backed Blu-ray.  Microsoft and some other movie studios backed HD DVD.  For consumers, this is a horrible situation since, depending on the movie studio, some movies will only be available in Blu-ray and some will only be available in HD DVD.

But this weekend, Warner Brothers announced that they are ditching HD DVD for the Blu-ray format.  Shortly thereafter, Paramount announced it was defecting to Blu-ray also.  And Apple has announced that it will be including Blu-ray drives in the new MacBooks, Mac Pros, and iMacs.

So, finally, I will soon be able to watch the Matrix movies in Blu-ray!!!