Household Core Count

I was talking to Primeaux today and was curious about how many CPU cores he has running in his household.  I believe he counted to 20.  Now, that’s not surprising, considering he’s a parallel and distributed kind of guy.  My own count, though, isn’t far off.  2 cores for my MacBook Pro and 2 core for Ahu’s MacBook Pro.  8 cores for the new Mac Pro.  2 more cores for the iMac in the kitchen.  1 core for the Windows box I still have hooked up in the basement in case my Mac isn’t cooperating and I have a World of Warcraft raid to be in.  Right there, that’s a total of 15 cores.  We haven’t come to a conclusion yet with regard to whether the 9 cores in my Playstation 3 count or not.  Heh.