Arrived in San Francisco

Well, the flight was pretty decent.  They showed the movie Fool’s Gold, which I did not watch - because I was working - but which looked very intriguing and thus, will be picked up for future viewing.

Spent most of my time testing Objective-C code to post keystrokes from one application to another.  Who knows what that could be used for.

Waited about 10 minutes for my checked bag.  Twenty minute taxi from the airport to the San Francisco Omni Hotel, which is walking distance to the Moscone Center where the WWDC is being held.

The Omni is my kind of hotel - lots of marble with 24-hour everything.  I’m using my 3G card again for Internet access.  I have 5 bars in the hotel room and everything seems speedy.  No need to try anything else.

Looks like the Twitter posting thing is working from SMS.  I doubt I’ll ever use the service again but it seems kind of interesting for this sort of event.  When I post something, I feel like I’m talking to a bunch of people at the same time.  Weird feeling, actually.

I’m going to go get something to eat and then it is back to coding for me.

Oh, in case anyone is wondering why I am attending the WWDC this year, it’s because I’ve started a 4th company - Renkara Media Group - and I’ve written a product called AccelaStudy Vocabulary Builder for the iPhone.  It’s a new way to study GRE / GMAT level vocabulary words.  I was accepted into the Apple iPhone Developer Program last week and, thus, have Apple’s certificate-based blessing to deploy applications to real iPhone hardware.  After much testing and tweaking, the application is complete and waiting on approval from Apple to be deployed to the App Store, where you can pick up a copy for $15.  The application was submitted to the Apple Design Awards a couple of weeks ago.  The Awards Night is Wednesday.  I don’t expect to win or even be a finalist but it will be cool to see what other people have been up to.