A Recap on My WWDC Predictions

I made a bunch of predictions yesterday about what would be announced today at the WWDC keynote.  Here are the ones I got right:

  • 3G

  • GPS

  • The App Store will not be ready on Day 1 (meaning today).

  • Thinner design.

  • A normal headphone jack.

  • Increased battery life.

  • New colors…I was thinking red, but for some ungodly reason they went with white…LOLWUT?

Several are as yet unknown:

  • Tethering.  This was not mentioned in the keynote and I can’t find any posts to confirm it and the Apple website does not seem to mention it.  If the phone does not tether, a lot of people are going to be disappointed, and possibly more will be actually pissed.

  • Full A2DP support.  Not mentioned, although they did say the audio support was significantly improved.  We’ll see.

  • iPhone as remote.  Still possible through an application from the App Store but no official offering from Apple, as far as I know.

A few things were totally off:

  • Front and rear facing video camera.  Totally false.  No video camera, period.  The iPhone continues to be the only modern mobile phone that completely lacks a video capture feature.

  • More memory.  Apparently, no one needs more memory.  The two models offered are still the 8 GB and the 16 GB models.

  • Flash on the iPhone.  Problematic still because of the lack of memory?  Not sure on that.

  • OLED display.  No mention.  Zero.  Total fantasy of mine.