Zazzle Comes Through

I came to San Francisco shirtless.  Well, almost.  I did have my excellent Daring Fireball t-shirt that says “Your PC is a POS” and which garnered me numerous compliments at today’s WWDC sessions.  I like to make an impression.  LOL  And this week, I wanted to express my full geekness.  I was reading a fellow Mac coders blog and he mentioned some t-shirts that he had made up and was selling in Zazzle.

I went to Zazzle and picked out one of the designs.  I decided I would wear a different shirt every day, maybe more than one shirt per day.  There really wasn’t a great selection of pithy Mac shirts.  So I thought, what else makes me a full-fledged geek?  Oh, yeah, I’m hardcode into World of Warcraft.  And, sure, enough, there are lots of interesting WoW shirts on Zazzle.

So I ordered up a bunch, only to find out that overnight shipping was not available.  And there is usually a couple of days lead time on such an order.  Man, I needed these for this week.  So I paid for the best shipping they had and then sent customer service an email asking them to make sure they get here on Monday, whatever it takes.  And, tada!, they made it.  Kudos to Zazzle for getting it done and “good job” to the Omni San Francisco Hotel for not messing it up.  The shirts are all the right size and of excellent quality.  Here is a lovely picture of my geekiness in full array:


The only shirt I didn’t get is one that says “crit immune” LOL.  Didn’t get it because black apparel takes a few days to do.  Which is okay, Zazzle pulled out the stops for me and I appreciate it.