iPhone 3G US Launch Day

The iPhone 3G has launched!!!  There are lines of people everywhere waiting to buy their new iPhone.  Unfortunately, this time around things are going more slowly.  Activation of the phone must occur in the store before leaving so it is taking 10 minutes on the low end and 30 minutes on the high end to get a new phone.

That’s bad news in Chicago where humidity is over 60% now and temperatures are expected to top 93 degrees yielding a heat index of almost 105 degrees by this afternoon.

Meanwhile, I downloaded and installed the new iPhone 2.0 OS on my existing iPhone this morning and immediately proceeded to lost all phone capabilities due to the iTunes Store being swamped with activations.  I have now been out of service for almost 2 hours.  And we’re still a little over an hour away from launch in California!

More as the day goes on.