links for 2009-04-23

Interesting notes about search optimization in the App Store

» iPhone Application Marketing: Reviewing Current Websites :: Positive Space Blog

Memory Management with Cocoa/WebObjects

A good article on understanding retain counts, etc. in Objective-C.

Finding iPhone Memory Leaks: A “Leaks” Tool Tutorial

Excellent tutorial on using Leaks to find memory issues in iPhone apps.

MDNS and caffeine: How I got Bonjour running on my iPhone

Getting Bonjour to run on the iPhone

XCode templates for iPhone static libraries with unit testing | Coding Ventures

Excellent article on making it easier to set up static libraries for unit testing.

Wizzley Presto and the Mysterious Time Machine

Very intriguing article on making a pretty decent iPhone game in less than 30 days.


Interesting iPhone app which animates 3K particles

eddit: Shop: iPhone UI Icon Set

Great set of iPhone UI icons.