My Only Odyssey Magazine Submission

Odyssey Magazine submission, 1982

Looking back, it’s hard to believe I was already a long-time subscriber to Odyssey magazine at 9 12 years of age. I knew all of my constellations, stars, galaxies, and various planetary mission. I always enjoyed the artwork submission section - usually filled with amazing drawings by high school age students - and finally came up with a “new” idea for a submission: I would create a picture by coloring and cutting out pieces of a space scene and pasting them on black cardboard paper.

At the time, I had never seen another collage-like picture published in the magazine. I thought the novelty of the design would be enough for publication. I remember the day I made this and the hope I had when I mailed it off. Sure enough, the magazine did publish my artwork, right next to another collage on black cardboard paper!

One thing I remember about Odyssey magazine is the frequent artistic submissions by some kid named Sean Murtha. His drawings of futuristic and planetary landscapes were by far the best ever published in the magazine. Even today, over 30 years later, I remembered the spelling of his name. He contributed at least a few times a year and, I think, he won “Space Cadet of the Year” at some point. So I Googled him today and I’m guessing this is the guy: Sean Murtha No surprise that he went on to become such an accomplished artist.